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Our Tagesmutter on TV

sandbox.jpg Christopher's former "day care mother" Heidi was featured today (along with Family Minister Renate Schmidt) on German TV in a story about home day care in ZDFfor the Mona Lisa program. Even if you can't read German, her picture in the sandbox leads the story on the web page.

Unfortunately the story was rather sensationalist, how a unregulated Tagesmutter in Munich used sleeping pills to control the toddlers in her care. Heidi was presented as what a Tagesmutter should be, as well a spokesperson for her professional organization. The film team spent several hours with her, so maybe they will use the material for a future report. Today she was shown for one minute, at the most.

The story, however, ended on a sexist note, as the reporter noted how many working women depend on Tagesmütter... as if fathers had no interest in day care at all.

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