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A Rose From Christopher

jubile_du_prince_de_monaco.jpg This year I thought I had the problem of Mama's birthday present licked. I'd let Christopher take care of it! I had asked him early in the week what we should get, and he immediately answered "A rose". The perfect answer, since Mama loves her garden and she would love any present that came from Christopher.

However, when it came time to go to the garden shop on Thursday to pick one out, Christopher participated only unwillingly (he was sulking because I wouldn't let him play on the Playmobil web site until after supper). However, with the promise of an ice cream bar, he did come along and immediately picked out a classical Jubilee du Prince de Monaco rose bush. However, that didn't end his sulk. I hid the rose in our back yard and waited for Mama's birthday on Saturday.

On Saturday morning, it was wet and windy outside and Christopher couldn't be dragged away from his knight and dragon playthings. I had hoped that we would give Mama her rose together, but he just blurted out "Happy Birthday" and headed back to his room. I was left alone to head out in the rain to get the rose and explain to Mama the story. She seemed to enjoy it, but it wasn't quite the effect I had hoped for.

Meanwhile today we have the family birthday (Mama and two nephews) celebration. We were planning an American-style barbecue, however we have a streak of attracting rain showers every time we plan to barbecue. So instead of cooking on the patio we will be shivering in the carport. Again.

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