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Oral Exams

Almost exactly a year ago Christopher met with the state speech expert to be approved for his speech therapy kindergarten for one year. Today was the follow-up meeting to be approved for an additional six months. While we had been assured by the kindergarten that an extension would be no problem, since the extension would be mostly based on their written report, we were nonetheless nervous.

We needn't have worried. While he has made excellent progress the past year, his stutter is still very pronounced, especially in stress situations. However, he's smart, outgoing and self-confident, and he usually does not become flustered by his stutter, but just keeps on talking. Self-confidence is 90% of the battle. The expert approved the extension, and was already giving us advice for school next year, recommending a regular 1st grade class (with therapy on the side) rather than a special ed group, specifically because Christopher is so sure of himself.

While waiting along with us, one of the mothers told us this was just like waiting for oral exams for the Abitur. That didn't seem that far from the truth.

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