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Chaos Management

This week we're painting and laying flooring upstairs or, more correctly, having it done. However, the carpenter is behind, he's only half done, and is flying off on vacation next week. Currently all rooms upstairs are impassable, except (thank God!) the bathroom.

The cleaning lady also comes on Thursday. (Notice how we outsource much of our work.) With the work upstairs today, she can only do the downstairs and the bathroom.

Finally, Christopher woke up today with fever and a cough, so we kept him at home with me. We're staying downstairs with Christopher's Playmobil figures, the carpenter is upstairs, and the cleaning lady is pulling weeds outside. House cleaning is postponed until next week.

Normally one would go to work to escape such chaos, but since I work from home, there is no escape, even if Christopher weren't sick.

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