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Vacation Impressions

Since I skipped blogging while we were in Minnesota, I'll list my impressions here (and keep adding new points as I think of them).

  • If you travel to the Midwest in July, you have to expect storms. Thunderstorms cancelled our flight from Chicago to Minneapolis, so we spent an unexpected 6 hours at O'Hare. A couple days later, a windstorm knocked out power to the cabin for 11 hours, which made cooking for guests, well, interesting. It takes a long time to boil water on a gas grill.
  • My wife thinks Minnesotans are boring because they always talk about the weather, but Minnesota weather is a lot more interesting than German weather.
  • We were too far from the Interstate for GSM reception, so our cell phones were basically useless. On the other hand, the town did have broadband, and we could sniff out some WiFi connections to read mail when we felt like it.
  • Small town radio sucks, since the programming is now beamed in from afar and the only local content are the commercials. We could only receive 1 TV station, so we didn't watch much TV either. We brought a stack of DVDs expecting to be bored, but we didn't watch a single one.
  • We didn't bring up politics, but everyone we talked to who did seemed to be against the war and knew someone stationed with a National Guard unit in Iraq.
  • I managed to mostly stick to my diet and exercise plan and lost 3 kg while we were there. I still have a couple dozen kilos to lose, though.
  • Christopher got to fish and drive the boat, which he's been looking forward to since Christmas. He even got to ride a few times on a 4-wheeled ATV.
  • We saw one of these Redbox DVD kiosks at a local McDonald's. We didn't realize Redbox was owned by McD. Here's a review.
  • The Lufthansa check-in desk at O'Hare was a catastrophe. But the Lufthansa pilot invited Christopher into the cockpit in Frankfurt, which more than made up for the inconvenience in Chicago.
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