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Moving Blog

My boss will be moving to Cologne this fall, and since he sees weblogs as the solution to all of life's problems, he has started a moving blog.

Moving is somewhat like sex... Americans do it better and more often. I've moved 12 times in my adult life, including cross-country and trans-continental, and 8 times since getting married (we can attest that moving is a good stress test for any relationship, although not nearly as good as building a house together). Moving is somewhat easier in the States since American apartments tend to include amenities like closets, floor covering, light fixtures and a kitchen, and are usually available (and can be vacated) at short notice.

To answer a specific question: how long can one live without a kitchen? Answer: 10 weeks. Due to the physical constraints of the space-time continuum, when we moved to Germany we brought 4 suitcases and 3 cats with us on the plane and our furniture arrived 10 weeks later. We first moved temporarily into a unrenovated 6th-floor apartment in downtown Kiel, our first experience without the aforementioned amenities of closets, floor covering, light fixtures and a kitchen. We begged, borrowed, and bought from 2nd hand shops, and somehow survived until the container with our furniture arrived and found a permanent apartment in Hamburg. We'd never want to do it again, but if we had to we'd skip the shipping container and instead set up a credit line at Ikea.

At the time we didn't yet have a child, which I imagine would increase the number of problems by at least a power of 2.

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