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Quality Time

One disadvantage of living so far from kindergarten in Winsen is the long bus ride. Christopher is first on his route, so while kindergarten starts at 8:30, last year he would be picked up at 7:15. And Christopher is absolutely not a morning person. Good thing that breakfast is served in kindergarten, so he could sleep until 5 to seven.

This year a new out-of-the-way stop was added to his route, and the driver asked if he could come at 7:00 the first day. That was fine with us for one day, except it turned out not to be just one day, but every day, dragging Christopher out of bed at 6:40. We finally asked the kindergarten Tuesday evening if they could rearrange things. They didn't know Christopher was being picked up even earlier than before, but noticed that he was more tired than usual. The next day they had a new plan.

They are now basically sending a bus just for Christopher. The other stops for the bus are right in Winsen, so Christopher now rides nonstop from Jesteburg to Winsen. He rode the new bus for the first time yesterday afternoon, arriving 15 minutes earlier than usual. I asked the driver when she wanted to pick Christopher up this morning, and she asked if 7:30 would be OK.

7:30. An extra half-hour of sleep. We're in heaven.

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