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On Becoming a Problem Child

This (via instapundit) made me think immediately of parties and weblogs in Germany:

I have the distinct impression that the Democratic Party sees the liberal blogosphere as being inside the tent, while the Republican Party views the conservative blogosphere as being somewhere between an irrelevance and a minor nuisance. Maybe this is true, at least in part, because many prominent 'conservative' bloggers (Andrew Sullivan, Glenn Reynolds, Stephen Green, and Eugene Volokh spring to mind) are not exactly stalwart Republican party loyalists but rather libertarians (or whatever) who put routinely put their principles ahead of party interests. Alternatively, maybe the Democrats have just decided to follow Lyndon Johnson's advice about keeping your critics inside the tent peeing out rather than outside the tent peeing in.

Of course Germany here is a couple of light-years behind the US, but it's interesting that while the SPD thinks politics on the internet means writing weblogs, the CDU thinks it means sending spam.

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