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Rub a Dub Dub

inactualfact wonders today why all English-language movies and TV series shown here are dubbed into German. I used to be bothered by this, but I'm not anymore, probably because most movies I watch these days are on DVD with an English soundtrack. Anybody want a useless Fargo DVD with German soundtrack only?

What does bother me is that for many movies the title is completely changed in German. How is anyone supposed to know that North By Northwest in German is "The Invisible Third", or that Animal House is "I Think a Horse Kicked Me", just to name two examples. You'd think for Animal House they'd at least come up with something with food fights or cucumbers.

As for why everything is dubbed, I imagine it's because it's always been done and now the German audience expects it. Or maybe because the Nazis wanted everything in German. Who knows.

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