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Homework Finished

Thanks to everyone who helped with my homework from yesterday. You all answered as expected and helped prove the point that our therapist was trying to make to us. A year ago our answer would have been the same.

It is natural for us to associate stuttering with stress or fear. We've all had experiences where we have reacted perhaps by stuttering, or perhaps by hesitating or shuddering. Therefore, when we hear someone stutter, we project that experience onto them and immediately think of stress and fear.

This is important for Christopher to know and understand. He cannot control how people will react to his stutter, and he will need to have the self-confidence to deal with the various reactions.

In fact, it is now believed that the primary cause of stuttering is genetic. A Speech1 gene has been isolated, and it is even believed that the tendency for persistance and recovery for stutterers is based on genetics, although one cannot yet predict whether a given person will recover. However, early treatment is important. If stuttering persists into puberty, it will most likely persist through adulthood.

Stuttering is absolutely not related to bilingualism.

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