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Credit Cards in Germany

German Joys notes a story in the Christian Science Monitor on the lack of acceptance of credit cards in Germany compared to other countries in Europe. It included this strange quote from a "high school student":

When I want something I pay for it myself. It's a question of honor.

The article tries to make the point that the "German mentality doesn't get into debt", but at the end notes that consumer bankruptcies are on the rise. They must be getting into debt somehow, probably with overdraft lines of credit at their banks and purchases from catalog merchants like Otto and Quelle. Bank cards are also widely accepted, and are cheaper than credit cards for both the merchant and the consumer. They also tie in nicely with your overdraft protection. So why pay extra to get and use a credit card?

We tend to use our credit cards a lot, but only to collect frequent flyer miles from Lufthansa.

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