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Last summer Christopher was approved for the first six months of speech therapy kindergarten this school year. Last week was a further "exam" for the 2nd six months, as mandated by the state. That's understandable, since the therapy is expensive and completely subsidized (with no means test... we pay nothing, regardless of income). In practice it makes absolutely no sense to change kindergartens in mid-year, so we were really hoping for approval. We got it.

We also got a written report on Christopher's progress. We already know how he's doing, of course, but it's nice to have something formal to show to school officials, since the registration process for first grade has already begun. Our goal is to have Christopher attend the local grade school rather than a separate speech program. Since he is coming from a special ed program, he'll be tested whether he is fit for first grade. We will be part of the decision process, but the decision is ultimately made by the county.

We now that the written report that Christopher has a "moderate stutter, for which he actively employs breathing techniques and which has not hindered his intellectual or emotional development" and the opinion of the state expert who would "absolutely recommend" that Christopher attend regular school. So that's two points in our favor. The next step is an exam for the county in January.

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