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Night Train

Last week I had the opportunity to fly to Cologne for our company Christmas party, a dinner in a dark restaurant. The experience reminded me how glad I am that my job involves no travel. Giving up 12 hours for perhaps 90 useful minutes of face time doesn't seem to me to be a good bargain. That my boss Nico rather mournfully explained that he has taken some 80 flights this year didn't change my opinion of business travel.

However, this week Mama has really drawn the short straw. She has planned for weeks to spend an entire day with Christopher in kindergarten this week. At work she has visitors tomorrow, and a day-and-a-half of meetings in Düsseldorf Wednesday and Thursday. She was able to cancel out of Thursday, but has to stay in Düsseldorf until 9 pm Wednesday. There are no flights to Hamburg that late. In order to keep her promise to Christopher, she's taking the train back to Hamburg that evening, and will get home at 2 am so she can take him to kindergarten in the morning.

No, I do not envy business travelers at all.

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