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New Year

We've been busy this week, with Christmas, Christopher's birthday, and his Grandmother visiting for 2 weeks. We spent New Years Eve at home and managed to hit a number of German New Year's Customs, eating raclette (with enough leftovers for a repeat performance tonight), drinking Feuerzangenbowle, and watching "Dinner For One" (twice). We skipped the Bleigiessen and the jelly doughnuts. Christopher and I instead napped for a bit before midnight to rest up for the fireworks. Sounds like our evening was pretty much like at Christina's, where you can read what the New Year's greeting "Guten Rutsch" really means.

Alas, tomorrow is the start of a normal work and kindergarten week. Mama even gets to fly to Munich overnight to start the year. Grandma will be here all week, though.

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