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You Never Forget

Jeremy Zawodny remembers his first web server 10 years ago. He sure had it good. Static IP address? Direct Internet connection? My first memories of running an Internet server was a mail server running UUCP over a 36K analog modem. My firm at the time was just over 50 km away from Hamburg, our access point, so we were paying expensive Deutsche Telekom long distance rates to get our mail and update our website. Good thing spam hadn't been invented yet. That was at least a step up from the CompuServe address we had been using until then. Oh yes, those were the days.

The first web server I had that I could put my hands on was at my next company at the turn of the century and the peak of the bubble. That 400 MHz Pentium was among inventory sold to employees as the company headed to bankruptcy, so I bought it and it's now the firewall and router in my basement.

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