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Oh What A Beautiful Morning!

Today got off to a wonderful start. At 4:30 Christopher announced he wasn't feeling good and crawled into our bed (exceeding the capacity of exactly 2 adults). An hour later he said he had to throw up, then did just that (after going into the bathroom, thankfully). So he stayed home from Kindergarten.

As I flipped open my PowerBook, it couldn't get a WLAN connection. The access point had gone completely dark. Bricked. That certainly puts a cramp in the home office. Luckily I thought of sharing the WLAN connection on the Mac Mini. That works just fine, so we don't need a new access point immediately. Just soon.

Finally, the pump on the washing machine (manufactured in 1990) is refusing to work at an increasing frequency. Unfortunately the Mac Mini can't substitute for that, even Firewire can't keep up with the flow.

And all this before 7 am! A full day before it was even light out.

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