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Bathroom Walls

Jean-Remy von Matt is head of the Jung von Matt ad agency which concieved the "Du bist Deutschland" campaign. A lot of German bloggers have expressed the opinion that the campaign is baloney, and so it's no surprise that Herr von Matt doesn't like weblogs:

Weblogs, the bathroom walls of the internet. What gives every PC user the right to excrete* their opinions? Most bloggers simply excrete. This new low point in the building of opinions is clear when one searches for 'Du bist Deutschland' at

Nico Lumma is only too happy to oblige big media types, so just for Herr von Matt he presents the site, which is basically with a bathroom wall skin.

*Translator's note: the German original uses the verb 'absondern', which is a new word for me. It means to secrete, excrete or lactate, but also means to separate. It may have a slang meaning which I'm totally missing.

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