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Zimbra Collaboration Suite Beta 3

I've been looking for a workgroup system to replace our aging SLOX (SuSE Linux Open Exchange) server. My favorite candidate is Zimbra, an open-source and commercial system which features an innovative storage and clustering system on the back-end, and a slick AJAX browser interface on the front end. It's still in beta, though, and is only supported on Red Hat systems. And the performance of the betas I've tried has sucked rocks.

A new beta came out this month, with news open-source builds for non-Red Hat distributions. I tried a Red Hat build first, for Fedora Core 4. The performance still sucked. Just for fun, I tried out the SuSE 10 build in a VMWare system. To my surprise, the installation was smoother and the performnace was better than under a real (non-VMWare) Fedora Core on the same machine. So now I'm confused...

Just to further complicate things I see that there is now a live-demo CD of Open Exchange (the successor to SLOX) available, so I'll have to look at that as well.

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