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If You Can't Trust Your Armored Car Company...

Washington Post: Heros Files for Bankruptcy Amid Probe "Heros, a leading German money-transport company, filed for bankruptcy on Monday as authorities announced an investigation of suspected large-scale embezzlement... estimated (at) 300 million euros ($358 million)... (It is) estimated that Heros had a market share of about 50 percent." So, if you run any type of retail establishment in Germany, as of today you have no way to get your money to the bank. That's why Mama is working late tonight (although I'm not sure what she can do, buy a fleet of armored cars on EBay?).

Update: Here's a good one: deposits that were picked up by Heros over the weekend are being held pending the bankruptcy settlement. So that money you thought was in the bank on Monday actually isn't. Even if your money wasn't embezzled, you still lose.

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