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Life Sucks

Sometimes life sucks, and then it sucks some more.

It isn't enough for my brother, who just turned 40, that he got divorced a couple years ago, lost his job last fall, and has a no-good girlfriend. He went into to the local hospital a Friday night with abdominal pains, which he's had the past 3 weeks but just couldn't stand any longer.

They did a CT scan and determined he probably has a tumor, and he should be checked out by an oncology clinic. It's the weekend, though, so he can't make an appointment until Monday.

Saturday night the pain is so bad he goes in to the ER at 11 PM. And again at 5 AM. The second time they keep him, and as I type this he's on his way to University Hospital in an ambulance with flashing red lights, a 120 mile drive.

The thing is, he's beat cancer (of the Lance Armstrong variety) once already, 10 years ago. Noone deserves to have to go through that again.

On the bright side, this should scare off the no-good girlfriend for good. Or she'll turn out to be not so no-good after all, which would be even better.

I'm thinking that maybe I should send him a Got Morphine? t-shirt.

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