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Previews of Coming Attractions

Christopher's first day of school may not be until September 2nd, but he'll get his first taste of school this week. As part of the process to determine whether he'll attend regular elementary school or a special ed school, he'll be evaluated for 3 days at the special ed school in Buchholz, this Friday, Monday and Tuesday. He'll be picked up by taxi the three days, and Christopher is as excited about that as he is about going to school.

Already last Sunday (yes, Sunday!) we had a home visit from one of the evaluators. Her initial impression was that Christopher would be just fine at regular school, but that decision will be made by the county.

For me as the stay-at-home parent this will be the first taste of the German school schedule, since Christopher will be home at 11:30 instead of the usual 3:15. There are no meals at school, unlike kindergarten where he gets breakfast and lunch. I wonder if they will give him homework as well.

(Does anybody recognize the title as Grace Kelly's best line from Rear Window?)

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