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School 2.0

Last week Christopher attended a local school for 3 days to evaluate his fitness to start first grade in the fall in light of his stuttering problem. Officially we had applied for the "determinination of special educational need", but actually we wanted a detailed evaulation with an official rejection. Yesterday we a conference with the evaluator, and that's exactly what we got.

Academically he'll have no problems at all. He breezed through all the "homework" he was given, and by the second day was already bored. Psychologically we were told that he is self-confident, charming and somewaht extroverted, and that he talks constantly. None of this was news to us. In short, he has all the prerequisites to do well in a regular elementary school in spite of his stutter.

We'll arrange a meeting this spring with his future teacher to explain Christopher's situation, but it looks like everything will be set when school starts on 2 September.

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