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Kraut Eye for the Ami Guy

I don't have any eye for fashion, so it came as a surprise to read in expat blogs that a distinguishing characteristic of Americans in Europe are white tennis shoes.

However, until last year, all the tennis shoes I've bought since moving to Germany have been white. And all were bought while on trips to the US, I guess because unconsciously I couldn't find any shoes here I liked.

A couple days ago, just before leaving for Orlando, Mama tossed my last white tennis shoes in the trash. Not because they were white, but because (she claims) they were worn out. So now my tennis shoes are blue.

And now for something completely different. I need to find a new secret name for my wife. "Mama" doesn't seem to cut it... it certainly describes Christopher's relationship to her, but not mine. "Voldemort" (she who must not be named) is too sinister. "Maus", her real nickname, is too cute (and is already taken). She often uses a variation of "Maus" that refers to her employer, but mentioning her employer here is taboo. Claire calls her spouse "The German". Could I call mine "The Gerwoman"?

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