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Baseball in Hamburg

Since MamaMaus is on a cruise ship somewhere between Venice and Dubrovnik this weekend (believe it or not, it's part of her job), Christopher and I decided to take in a baseball game in Hamburg, HSV Stealers against the Bonn Capitals.

We've watched baseball before in Germany, namely The Dohren Wild Farmers, a 2nd Bundesliga team, but there we were the only ones in the audience not related to a member of the team. Hamburg is in the first Bundesliga and there is a world of difference. I actually had to pay for admission (Christopher was free), and there were at least 3 dozen spectators in attendance.


We only made it through 7 innings of one game of a double-header. That took 2-1/2 hours, and the home team was losing 14-3. Near the end we started taking each other's picture.



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