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World Cup

Seeing how Haddock got tickets for a World Cup match after all reminded me that I haven't yet mentioned our World Cup plans.

MamaMaus' employer is a major sponsor so she has to work throughout the tournament. Her company is present in the stadiums, so to supervise that presence she has a service pass (but no seat) for all matches in Hamburg. She'll officially attend at least 3 matches, the opening match in Munich, a final round match in Hannover, and the final in Berlin. These are all business events, so no family members invited. For the match in Munich, her boss thoughtfully scheduled a couple of days of business meetings at the home office that week to make sure his people would be there.

She did have the opportunity to order tickets (at full price) for us through an internal lottery at the company. This was after the pairings were announced, so we picked the most attractive match in Hamburg, Italy-Czech Republic on June 22 in the final match for Group E. This is the US group, so hopefully they both will have lost to the Americans and will be fighting for second place :-). Alas, MamaMaus has a business trip that day, so Christopher and I will be attending alone.

Christopher is actually looking forward to it, which is surprising since he had absolutely no interest in coming along to HSV last fall. But he still thinks baseball is better than soccer, so he's looking more forward to watching baseball in the big stadium with his grandparents later this summer.

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