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23 mph

Orangemedia, our partner firm in Hamburg, recently moved to the Stresemannstrasse. Not only do they have no parking spots, but it is near one of the most famous radar cameras in the city. Of course on my first visit to the new office I got nabbed on the way home, doing 37 km/h in the 30 km/zone. So I get to contribute €15 to the Stresemannstrasse traffic reduction project, aka Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg Bußgeldstelle.

I'm sure most Americans would find it funny to get a speeding ticket for 23 mph.

Update Let me add some background. The Stresemannstrasse is notorious as a narrow high traffic street in a residential area. Unfortunately it's the most direct route from downtown to the A7. In the '90s there were at least two kids killed by speeding trucks running red lights. After that it was made one lane with 30 km/h, but after von Beust took office it was restored to two lanes against the wishes of the residents.

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