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MB 13/1.83 CTO WHITE

MB 13/1.83 CTO WHITE is the secret code for "I've ordered myself a present", namely a new MacBook, with 0% financing so the Finance Minister won't notice.

The battery on my 500 MHz PowerBook no longer charge, so it was time to do something. I work mostly at the kitchen table, but it's handy to sometimes work elsewhere. With no USB 2.0, Bluetooth, high-speed WiFi, or ethernet (broken), the PowerBook is not so practical anymore. Normally I wouldn't consider a new first-generation product, but the specs, the timing, and the price are all right. I don't need to burn DVDs, nor do I need a lot of disk space. The CPU will probably run hot, but it can double as a foot warmer in winter. The screen is small, but I can plug in a monitor when I'm in the kitchen. I don't do games, so slow graphics don't matter.

I imagine that when school starts I'll be spending many afternoons as Christopher's taxi driver, so it will be good to have something portable to work with when I'm waiting for my next fare.

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