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Never Talk to Tele2

A couple of weeks ago I got a sale call from Tele2 offering some sort of pre-select phone package for local and long-distance calls. I politely said I wasn't interested and hung up. I never buy anything on the phone.

The telemarketer from Tele2 apparently disagreed, and submitted an order in my name anyway. A letter arrived a week later thanking me for my registration. I immediately faxed a cancelation to Tele2 Customer Service.

The cancelation was ignored. This weekend T-Com informed me that all calls from our line would be routed through Tele2. I called T-Com this morning, and they seemed to be familiar with the scam. When I mentioned I was calling about a pre-select change, the rep replied "You don't want it, right?". He assured me that the routing change would be ignored.

I'm not sure what advice I should give. I would never do business with Tele2, but even if you don't talk them, you might end up doing business with them anyway.

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