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USA - Czech Republic

So, the real World Cup started at 6 pm today, but the USA is being outclassed by the Czech Republic. The US can control the ball, but it looks like they've made the mistake of bringing stiletto knives to an axe fight. They're trailing 2:0 at halftime. At least they've mastered the offside trap, which the Germans still need to work on.

Germans have this thing about complicated football (er, soccer) pools, so you can see how badly I've predicted at Blogtipp. I did pick the Czech Republic to win the Cup, based on two simulations I read about. One was a video game, the other a beer competition in Stern. Good enough for me.

The best Internet live commentary, by the way, is at the Guardian. Update: and not just because they quote my emails (scroll down to 83 minutes).

Conclusion: 3:0. This has been a Cup without blowouts, until now. The US was energetic, but unimaginative. How did the US ever earn the 5th place FIFA ranking? In March against Germany, and again today, we've been outclassed.

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