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Art Auction


Yesterday was open house at Christopher's kindergarten. The theme was Color in Kindergarten, and they had numerous projects and games with colors and painting, including an auction of several paintings done by the kids.

The teachers had obviously dropped hints to the kids to get their parents to buy paintings. Christopher has been telling us for a week he wanted us to buy his group's painting. Since it's all for a good cause, we were ready to make our bid. The auction started at 1 Euro, and by the time we got up to 25 Euros the competition had been scared off.

"Anyone for 26? Going once, going twice..."

And this point Christopher shouted "Twenty-six!", taking the bid from his own mother much to the delight of the crowd and the auctioneer.

I'm sure there's a law about minors and valid contracts, but we weren't going to be fussy, and we paid the 26 Euros. We now have this wonderful masterpiece in our front hall, "The Puzzle".

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