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Half a Man

At the beginning of the month I reduced my hours at nu2m to half-time, in preparation for the beginning of Christopher's school career in September (when he'll come home at noon on weekdays instead of 3 pm). I thought that by reducing hours before I needed to that I'd have a few weeks of relative peace and quiet. It hasn't turned out that way. All the personal and family things that need to be done have expanded to fill my free time.

One reason has been MamaMaus' injured foot. Her role in the household has been reduced to those items that don't involve walking, driving, picking things up, or climbing stairs. That doesn't leave a whole lot. The good news is that's she's off her crutches as of today, since the orthopedist asked her "What, you're not walking on it yet?" at her appointment this morning. She took that as a challenge. (And, yes, she's been back at work for over a week. She's been hitching rides with colleagues to get to the office.)

Christopher's day of Kindergarten is Thursday, when all the school-goers jump (or are thrown) out the window. They have their Summerfest on Friday, then he has vacation until September 2, with a 2-week trip to Minnesota at the beginning of August.

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