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Bravery and Balance

I've got poor priorities for shooting video. Instead of taking silly videos of my wife, I should have been filming Christopher this afternoon as he was doing laps around the backyard on his bike, the first time without training wheels. He was pretty happy with himself. That he wasn't until now able to keep up with the neighbor kids in the bike-riding department was a sore point with him. We tried a couple of times last year, but he kept asking for the training wheels to go back on. Today he crashed a few times in the grass, but laughed at himself and kept going.

Another sign of his improved coordination and self-confidence came a few weeks ago, when he insisted we take him swimming so he could show us what he could do in the deep water. He's never wanted to even get his head wet before, but now he's going in water over his head with inflatable water wings on his arms (is that really what Schwimmfl├╝gel are called in English?) and doing cannonballs.

We really have to thank his kindergarten for this. They go swimming in groups of 3 every few weeks, and I also know they've been having Christopher practice with a walking bike outside. He's also been doing an hour of therapeutic tumbling every week, paid for by health insurance. Now after two years, he just four days left. Then, after summer vacation, he starts public school. I'm sure bravery and balance will come in handy there.

We'll do some more bike laps tomorrow afternoon, I'll try to remember to bring the camera.

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