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We're getting ready for our trip to the States, and given that it was 103°F (with humidity to match) at the lake on Sunday (where it's supposed to be cooler than in town), we'll be packing very light. Good thing the weather broke on Monday... it should be down to 85°F by the time we're there.

I'm wondering whether this would be a good time to start speaking English with Christopher again. When Christopher was born, we tried splitting languages with him, MamaMaus speaking German, I speaking English, but I must admit I was not very consistent. We've spoken German at home since we came to Germany (at first to help me learn German) that I had a hard time switching back and forth, especially with a child too young to answer back. Then Christopher's speech problems emerged, and we (I) got gun-shy and stopped English altogether.

One of the first things we learned was that speech problems in general, and stuttering in particular, have nothing to do with a bilingual home. We (I) still held off with English. There was no good reason for it, but with the stress of therapy and the goal of increasing self-confidence, we didn't want to compound the stress by reintroducing a second language.

Maybe this trip would be a good catalyst to get started again. He'll get going again once we're there, and when we come back I can tell him I'm tired of speaking German and will speak English at home from now on. He can answer in whatever language he wants (that will be German, for sure). To help me stay consistent, I'll have to start speaking English with MamaMaus as well, but I think she can handle that.

Does anyone with experience raising bilingual children have any thoughts or suggestions on reintroducing English?

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