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Grade School Week One

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Well, it didn't take long for this school stuff to become old hat. Already on Wednesday morning Christopher said he didn't feel like going to school today. Heh heh, son, welcome to the next 12 years of your life. Things don't seem to be going fast enough for him. I asked him today what he learned at school, and he replied "Nothing new". My mother says that sounds like me in the first grade. He was looking very forward to learning to read, and I think he's disappointed that it will take longer than one or two days. "We don't do any reading, all we do are letters of the alphabet. I know those already." Patience, young Christopher, patience.

We are of course concerned of how the class reacts to stuttering. We mentioned it briefly at the parents' evening last week, and hopefully we can meet with his teacher in the next week or two to explain Christopher's stutter and the progress he's made. Meanwhile, a clinic recommended by his kindergarten offers a weekly stutter group for children aged 6 to 10 that will start later this month. Their main goal is to give the kids (and their parents) the feeling that they are not alone... there are other kids that stutter as well. That's more important at his age than working on specific speaking and breathing techniques, since his mouth is still growing and changing. The group is in Hamburg, so that will mean some driving every week. We've also got to get a referral from his pediatrician so health insurance will cover the cost, so that's another appointment to be made this coming week. We also hope to arrange for him to get into a special PE (sport) group at school, since movement and exercise is also important for speech development.

So Christopher may already be bored with school, but we've still got plenty to arrange and organize.

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