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Moral Equivalence

I wasn't going to write anymore on 9/11 this year, my entry on Sunday pretty much summed up how I feel 5 years later. But 2 posts from German blogs that usually don't discuss politics really got under my skin.

Telagon Sichelputzer, True 9/11 Memorial:

With all due respect to the losses to the attack on the World Trade Center back in 2001, let’s remember all of the victims of this attack on the USA. And let us not forget all the murder, death and rape committed by many US troops for seeking vengeance in their war efforts while traveling from one country to another. Let’s not forget the crimes of Afghanistan and Iraq in their search for Bin Laden. Let’s not forget Guantanamo and the secret CIA torture chambers.

Quarter Life Crisis, September 11th:

And from here, away from the personal tragedy, I find it hard to see the death of thousands of people in North America as something more tragic than the death of similar numbers of people in other parts of the planet... those who died in New York did get a lot of more press coverage and they had to serve as an excuse for all the disgraces that our governments – particularly the U.S. one – have brought over us since in the name of ‘fighting terrorism’, something that sounds simple but which most, if not all, people cannot even define clearly.

If I were to make similar comments about the Holocaust and, say, the firebombing of Dresden, I'd be (rightfully) run out of the country on a rail. Or is that just me and my blue passport that makes me so sensitive?

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