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For 3 weeks now we've been hearing about the tons Gammelfleisch, or putrid meat, being found in the meat lockers of Germany, and how long the authorities knew about it before it was made public. The best comment I saw on it was at Rainy Day, which cited The Jungle, the classic American exposé of conditions in the Chicago stockyards in 1906. Noone has died or even gotten sick from bad meat in the current German scandal, although that's hard to tell from the sensationalist press coverage.

Meanwhile in the States, fresh bagged spinach tainted with E. coli has killed one and sent nearly 100 to the hospital in several states over the past few weeks, including several brands of organic spinach. So, my German friends, don't think you're any better off if you skip meat and eat only vegetables from the Bioladen. You're taking chances no matter what you eat.

One of the things I first noticed here was the rancid smell in some (but not all) German butcher shops. I used to clean a meat market as an after-school job, so I know what a clean meat market looks and smells like. I still feel more comfortable with meat from the supermarket than from a butcher who may have different ideas of cooling and sanitation than I'm used to.

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