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Internet Killed the Video Star

When I was in high school in the '70s, you could only see good music on TV late night on weekends on shows like Don Kirschner's Rock Concert or The Midnight Special. Some bands started to make little films that went along with their music, and (according to my friends) I said that would someday the all the rage, that watching music would be bigger business than listening to music. My friends said I was crazy, but some years later MTV was born. I never saw a cent from Viacom. (I actually don't rememeber saying that, but my high school friends insisted I was a true visionary. They also said I was a cross between Spock and Alfred E. Neuman, so I can never be sure if they were putting me on or not.)

Of course these days noone watches music, MTV doesn't even show music videos anymore, they're all pirated and downloaded to YouTube. I always thought YouTube was a stupid idea, playing other people's videos that nobody pays for. How do they make any money? I guessed I missed the point, since today Google is buying YouTube for $1.65 billion, even though "YouTube right now generates very little, if any, actual revenues, analysts say".

So if any of my old friends are reading, I've lost the touch. I have no idea what's cool anymore.

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