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The Bastardization of German Culture

Thanks to the undue influence of American programs in German television, Christopher is insisting that we go trick-or-treating tomorrow night. Super RTL has been running Halloween specials of all their cartoons yesterday and today. He wants to dress as a ghost and collect a sack load of candy. And carve a pumpkin.

I try to tell him that Halloween is an American holiday, and that German households will not be stocking loads of treats, particularly in the rural area where we live, but he says "You're American, Papa. You know how it works."

This is despite the fact we have 3 lantern marches (local town, old kindergarten, new school class) planned within one week starting on Saturday. Of course, lantern marches only involve open flames and songs vaguely related to astrology, which is nowhere near as exciting as collecting sackloads of candy in while dressed in gruesome costumes. Germans do that stuff for Karnival in late winter... well, at least in Cologne and Düsseldorf.

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