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Foreign Holidays

One of the pitfalls of telecommuting is that you have no idea where your co-workers are. I just now, at 11:30 am, realized that today is a holiday in Cologne, which explains why no one is sending me any mail or Jabber messages today. They may have more days off in Cologne, but the higher quality of life in Hamburg more than makes up for it.

Speaking of quality of life, Hamburg just had the highest storm tide in 15 years (5.90 meters, which is actually 20 cm higher than the killer flood of 1962, if you're looking for evidence of global warming). If you parked on the Fischmarkt this morning, the inconvenient truth is that your car is now floating in the Elbe (or perhaps more inconvenient, has been impounded by the police).

Update: The flood was actually a meter lower than expected, so no record. They still towed away lots of cars, though.

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