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Another pitfall of telecommuting is that they start an internal blog at the office and you don't find out about it until 6 weeks later (no, it's not Technorat). They've been posting profiles of various co-workers, and since I doubt that Poolie will come to Hamburg to interview me, I've decided to save him the trouble.

Your Name:
Scott Hanson

Your Email address:
Email is dead. Mabber me at

Your Age:

What do you do for nu2m?
Sysadmin and network plumber in Hamburg, part-time, home-office.

Which page or feed do you read first in the morning?
Overheard in New York.

Last comic read?
This week's Mickey Mouse (out loud for my son Christopher)

Murderer or Objector (Mörder oder Zivi)?
Neither. I refused to register with Selective Service, if that counts.

Do you subscribe to any magzines?
The Economist

Your favorite color?
None. I'm color-blind, my reality is different than yours.

Musical taste?
Not as progressive as I used to be. My earbuds are black.

What do you play?
Mau-mau, Lego Star Wars. And the fool.

What do you do when you are not at the computer?
I play taxi-driver for my son. And with my son.

Color or black and white?
Whatever the director wanted.

Where have you been on vacation?
Lake Superior, Monument Valley, San Diego, Florida Gulf Coast. Mallorca, Prague, Budapest, Istria, Algarve, Leogang, Sylt, Legoland.

Coffee or tea?
Espresso with milk.

Wireless oder cable mouse?
Bluetooth, with two buttons and a wheel.

Favorite clothing color?
Black. I know how it looks.

Favorite perfume?
Jil Sander Sun, but only on my wife.

Which CD and DVD did you last buy?
Do rentals and allofmp3 count?
For Christopher: Räuber Hotzenplotz, Sponge Bob Season 3
For myself: Rosenstolz 'Das Grosse Leben' and Justin Timberlake 'Future Sex Love Sounds', Corpse Bride

Who can you laugh at?
Myself. Usually.

What is on your desktop?
My desk is our kitchen table. In addition to my MacBook there is a flower pot, a sharp knife, several candles, and salt and pepper shakers.

Your last meal:
Hold on, I'm still looking at the menu...

What is your favorite TV series?
No time for TV. Who killed Laura Palmer anyway?

How many pillows do you sleep with?
One, but that's probably not enough.

Hotel or Camping?
Hotel, unless we're looking for adventure.

Your motto?
Everything depends on your point of view.

Who is Herr Latz?
No idea.

Famous last words:

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