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Full House

This morning Christopher asked if he could invite the neighbor boy René over to play this afternoon. Christopher had visited him before fall vacation, and they share a common interest in Legos. We're trying to encourage Christopher to keep contact with his local classmates, since he went to Kindergarten in a different town. Sure, I said, René could come over to play.

Then after lunch, just after we arranged things with René's mother to have him come at 3:00, Johan called. He wanted to come visit Christopher as well. No problem, I thought. He's not the quiet Lego builder type, but three would be more fun than two, so why not?

Then once they were here, and definitely not engaged in quiet activities, Christopher decided to bring Carolin from next door (without asking her mother, as it turned out... she called an hour later asking if we had seen her daughter). She's absolutely not the quiet type, and did her best to raise her volume to match the three boys. So I suddenly had a house full of loud first graders, with nothing to calm them except for orange juice and gummy bears.

Instead of a quiet Lego building session, we had a wild afternoon of riding the wild bucking Ikea styrofoam banana and having ghosts fight against knights in the dark. No one cried, no one got hurt, no one was left out. By 6:00 they were all gone, and Christopher said it had been the "best afternoon".

Compared to a stressful week at work where I've been dealing with defective power supplies and UPSs at our hoster, the noise at home was actually rather relaxing.

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