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Closed on Thanksgiving

If there's one thing you can say that applies to all Americans, it's that you can't say anything that applies to all Americans.

Today is Thanksgiving in the States, but it's not a holiday that I particularly miss. Yes, as a child we celebrated Thanksgiving with a turkey dinner like everyone does, and no, I had no particularly traumatic experiences associated with Thanksgiving. But for me, Christmas was always the highlight of the year. Thanksgiving was more of a WASP thing, and as Scandinavians, we came a couple of centuries late to the party.

My biggest memories of Thanksgiving are a couple of extremely cold bus rides home from college for the long weekend, once in a blizzard, and another time in a blizzard during a bus drivers' strike.

Maybe tonight I'll bring home a some roast turkey cold cuts to enjoy with our German Abendbrot. Happy Thanksgiving, and remember, the dump is closed.

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