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Impressions from Munich

Mama and I were in Munich for a 25 hours last weekend. I hadn't been in Munich for a few years, here are a few impressions.

  • Don't people have anything better to do than walk down the Neuhauser Straße? I know it's the main pedestrian street town, but it was jam packed every time we were there.

  • We each bought shoes on the Neuhauser Straße, since everyone knows you can't buy shoes in Hamburg. (Inside family joke, ask Kirsten. The punch line, by the way, is "Kassel".)

  • We saw lots of good food at Dallmayr, Käfer and the Viktualienmarkt, but we didn't buy any. We were tempted by some cheeses, though.

  • I also heard a lot of foreign languages on the street. I don't mean German dialects like Bavarian or Swabian or familiar foreign languages like we hear in Hamburg (Russian, Turkish, etc.), but languages I don't hear every day like Italian and American English. I'd always thought of Munich as a German ghetto, maybe I've been wrong.

  • Our formal gala event was held in a riding hall which had been converted to a event center. Around here we still have horses, and riding halls are used for, well, riding.

  • Heidi Klum was supposed to show up but she was too pregnant. She sent a video, though. The a cappella group Naturally7 performed, and they were quite good.

  • The absolute highlight were the beds at the hotel. We have never slept so well as at the Hotel Sofitel. Their MyBed is so good they even sell the complete MyBed on the internet, should you want to drop a couple of thousand Euros on a bed. We're tempted to at least buy the pillows and the featherbed. It was that good.

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