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Christmas Market Monday

J decided that tomorrow would be Christmas Market Monday, when we all post pictures from our visits to our local Christmas Markets this past weekend. I usually don't go along with special blogging days, but since we were meeting Oma at the Christmas Market in Buchholz anyway, I brought my camera along. Just to be a non-conformist, I'm posting mine a day early. There's a set at flickr, and a slideshow here. I tried to tell a story with the captions, so maybe the plain view is better than the slideshow (where you have to click on each picture to see the caption).

IMG 1827

It would have been funnier to go to the "Santa Pauli" Christmas Market on Spielbudenplatz, which features booths from FC St. Pauli and a various sex shops, since we were in the area on Friday. Actually not, since it was so blatantly commercial and was most definately inappropriate for children. We didn't stop.

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