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Ronald Schill, please come home!

It's almost like old times... Hamburg's ex-Interior Senator, Judge Merciless, and all-around bad guy Ronald Barnabas Schill is back in the news. According to Spiegel Online, he's wanted by the police! Only as a witness (Honest. We swear!), though, for an old political juvenile justice scandal. Ronnie's hanging out in Brazil, last we heard, so it's doubtful that he'll be showing up for any special committee hearings anytime soon. But it's the thought that counts.

And it's that thought that reminds us of the good old days of politics in Hamburg. Sure, we have another jilted Senator who's started his own party. And we have one-party government that's testing the edge of constitutionality. (Citizen's initiative? We don't like it, we'll just abolish it.) But without the bad man on his side, Ole von Beust is, simply put, boring. (If Berlin's Klaus Wowereit is "poor but sexy", then von Beust is, well, neither.)

On the national level, bad boy Roland Koch has been whipped by Angela Merkel so much he's now a girlie man (so much so that the SPD is sending a girlie girl against him in 2008). When the times of the grand coalition are such that the CDU spends an entire convention pretending to put on a human face, it's no wonder that that disinterest in politics is at an all-time high.

Hamburg needs you. Germany needs you. Ronald Schill, please come home!

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