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Could Those Be Angels?

We've come to the conclusion that since the 4th Advent Sunday falls on Christmas Eve, Christmas is coming way too soon this year. We'd like to apply for a week's extension.

Christopher has school up to Friday the 22nd, but his special activities (tumbling at school and stutter therapy) have the week before Christmas off, so he has extra time to get excited for Christmas. We adults do not. He's also signed up for the Christmas program at church. He was in a nativity play in Kindergarten last year, playing one of the main roles, Joseph. As a special ed Kindergarten, Mary was in a wheelchair, so he had to both speak lines and push Mary to the stage. This year he's happy to play a supporting role, namely a shepherd. He's got one line, with exactly 6 words:

> And there! Could those be angels!? *(Und da! Sind das nicht Engel!?)*

He was able to borrow a shepherd's staff (actually just a big stick) from church. We need to organize the rest of the costume (floppy hat, vest, dark pants) ourselves. We also have to bring him to dress rehearsal on Saturday the 23rd, which takes care of any last minute shopping we might need to do. We also need to show up early for church on Christmas Eve, but at least we should get good seats.

And if he stutters well enough, he could well double his speaking part! (Yes, it's okay to joke about stuttering. We do it with Christopher all the time. He stutters with all kinds of frogs, sometimes with snakes, and sometimes even with a lawn mower that runs backwards! *Der r├╝ckwarts Rasenm├Ąher! R-r-r-r-r-r-r!*)

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