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kleinschreiben ist ausländerfeindlich!

(writing in all lower-case is xenophobic!)

Just to air one of my pet peeves onto the Internets... it's hard enough to read websites in a foreign language. It becomes damned near impossible when the author deliberately ignore capitalization and punctuation and uses creative spelling. One of my colleagues writes in such a style (for example, he spells "Berlin" lower-case with a y). I cannot read his weblog at all.

Back when we invented blogging we tried to follow the principles of Dogma 2000, where we would not obsess over grammar and spelling. The flip side (as in the original Dogma 2000) is "do not make mistakes on purpose" and "no intellectual capitals or other strange letter substitutions". Don't deliberately make your writing hard to understand.

Yes, there are funky tests where you can leave out half the letters in your words because most reading is done unconsciously. That only applies to native speakers of your language. Foreign readers need the hooks of proper grammar and spelling to be able to read your words. Don't lock us out.

However, it is perfectly OK to make obscure cultural references that only a native could understand. We thank you for your support.

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