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Wine School

The magazine Stern is publishing a 24-week long wine course, offering a package of 24 wines by post from Rindchen with an article in the print magazine and an online forum. According to The Drink Tank (hosted by my employer at over 6000 packages have been shipped, including one to yours truly. I'm a little late to the game. I just opened wine number one and this is already week 3. I have a feeling this is not the kind of class where you want to catch up on your studies all at once (especially since MamaMaus is a beer drinker, therefore I have to study alone). As for the week one Bordeaux, the 2005 Camarsac is nice for under 10 Euros, but I don't smell the berries, and certainly not the cougar cage.

Nice marketing gag... we usually don't read Stern but now we (or least I) will be reading every week until mid-June for sure.

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