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Wine School 2

I resumed the Stern wine school, which I started last week, on the night of the big storm last Thursday. The next lesson was another Bordeaux, this one a price class higher. The 2004 Dutruch costs €20, so I wasn't greatly disappointed that my first impression was that it was way too bitter for my taste. I certainly did not detect the aroma of tea leaves, tobacco or pencil shavings mentioned by Messrs. Lange and Lange.

Unforunately for my wallet the Dutruch tasted much better the next day, after I had left the remaining half-bottle corked at room temperature overnight. I guess I should take the temperature recommendations and the suggestion that it be decanted more seriously. The price is too rich for for me for everyday consumption, but I could see keep a few bottles in the basement (or in the closet, as the Langes suggest) for special occasions. It's supposed to only get better for the next 3 to 5 years.

The next wine is also from Bordeaux, this time a fresh white wine. It doesn't seem right for January, but we'll see.

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