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What Old People Listen To

Soeren asked me what I would consider the best albums of all time or most important to me. I decided both "best" and "important" were uninteresting (and best has already been done). I decided to list "favorite" instead, albums I like and listen to, even though they may not be the best, and maybe next week my list would be different. I did limit myself to one pick per artist. In order:

  • Dirty Mind, Prince
  • Rocket to Russia, Ramones
  • Born to Run, Bruce Springsteen
  • London Calling, The Clash
  • Making Movies, Dire Straits
  • Achtung Baby, U2
  • Talk Show, Go-Go's
  • Planet Punk, Die Ärzte
  • So, Peter Gabriel

He listed nine, so I did too (though the 9th was the hardest to pick). For the moment I won't explain my choices, maybe later. Feel free to tell me in the comments why my picks suck.

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